Search Traffic Pro LLC is a digital growth strategy agency.

Our team focuses on your company’s unique position in the market & seeks to grow your online presence through all appropriate channels. We started by optimizing websites for paid and organic traffic. We have since expanded into local search marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, Google Analytics, and website development. As a team, we’ve worked with well over 100+ companies and have decades online experience.

We aim to…

1. Grow targeted visitors to your online properties. 

2. Convert those visitors to leads or sales.

3. Report success.

4. Rinse & Repeat. 


Brandon Clay

Brandon Clay
Chief Growth Strategist


Brandon Clay specializes in digital marketing.

Brandon worked in online and offline sales and marketing for nearly a decade at State Farm Insurance and Dell, Inc. In 2006, he shifted careers to focus on digital marketing and has worked with 5 different digital marketing agencies. He has experience with digital advertising, website development, copywriting, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, paid search (PPC/SEM), social media, digital & business strategy.

Brandon holds a Bachelors from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters degree from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. He is a Google Partner and has been involved in online marketing since 2004.

When he’s not optimizing websites and driving leads for clients, he enjoys  riding his mountain bike, hanging with his kids, taking in a movie with his wife, or planning his next website.

Andrew Urban

Andrew Urban
Project Manager

Andrew Urban (MBA) is a veteran digital marketer. He understands how to market small, medium, and local businesses online through web design, SEO, content marketing, video creation and distribution, PPC, email marketing, and social media. He specializes in SEO and knows how to rank websites in the search engines and videos on YouTube for clients or websites.

Andrew also helps with client communication and project management with Search Traffic Pro. When he’s not helping make money for our clients, Andrew enjoys sailing the Atlantic off the coast of Rhode Island.

Josh Woods

Josh Woods
SEO & Development

Josh Woods is a veteran organic search engine optimizer (SEO) with 8+ years experience in helping companies improve their search rankings.  With his unique skill set and experience he can get the job done in high and low competition search markets. He’s helped rank senior living communities, law firms, private banks, and everything in between. And he knows how to get more conversions in the process – a huge plus.

After a long day outranking our competitors on Google, Josh enjoys hangin’ with his family, learning something new, and acquiring new websites.