LinkedIn and Linking Up for SEO Partnerships

Using LinkedIn for developing relationships, getting new business, building links, and fun.

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Twitter Tips and Tricks

Twitter is an ever expanding social media giant that has many benefits no matter the size of your business.

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The Pluses of Google+ for SEO

Google+ is an untapped SEO resource.  Learn how to optimize your search capabilities using the social network Google built specifically for you and your business.

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How To Succeed In An Online Marketing Career

To me, career success is enjoying what I do and getting paid well to do it. Prior to my current occupation in online marketing, I had several jobs that I didn’t want to return to on Monday morning. Some were worse than others. When I was selling at Dell, there were days when I wanted to walk to my car and not come back. Some jobs were better than others like teaching middle school kids at a Christian School. That was fun, but it didn’t pay a single-income family’s bills.
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A Complete SEO Website Audit

The first step in tackling an organic search engine optimization (SEO) project is often an SEO website audit. This audit helps lay the foundation for future search success. Properly worked, an audit can be primary reason your site jumps from page 4 to page 1 on the SERPs. The surprising thing about SEO website audits is how diverse they are. SEO practitioners often have divergent goals and methodologies. This affects which areas are audited on a website. Some audits are backlink-focused, while others focus on more technical on-site aspects. Many are good and usually helpful, however few cover every important area of organic search in 2012.
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How To Get Online Exposure For Your Small Business

These are just a few tips to get you started, they may seem obvious to you, and if so, good! you are ahead of the pack because most small business aren't even online, let alone utilizing all the free exposure at their finger tips. According to a Small Business Success Index (SMBSI) poll conducted last month only half (56 percent) of small businesses have websites. Of those businesses with websites, only a quarter (27 percent) have a SEO program in place. So not only do many small businesses lack an online presence, most of them are basically invisible to search engines.
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The Sales Funnel in Pay Per Click Advertising

Read a few marketing books and take a few business classes and you’ll come across the sales funnel. The funnel is a foundational business principle. It’s not rocket science, but neither is it for first graders. It’s an old, essential concept and is still applicable today - especially in pay per click advertising (PPC). For starters, let’s review the sales funnel. The concept is simple. Business development can be viewed as a funnel with a wide opening at top. The marketer’s job is to put as many leads into the funnel as possible. Leads go into the funnel and through a magical process of nurture and time you get sales from your efforts.
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Why Do You Go To Work?

What gets you up in the morning, drives you to a job, sits you at a computer...and makes you do it day after day. Is it a paycheck? Really? Think about it? If money was not an issue, would you still go to work? Some of us would. Some of us may do something completely different. Whatever the answer, our motivation to work doesn't always include financial reward.
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Complete Online Marketing Package: $97?!

Just wanted to send a quick note to readers of Search Traffic Pro. Due to some recent economic circumstances in the Search Traffic Pro's household, I'm expanding my services for new clients. Instead of charging the regular $500 for all services (SEO, PPC, SMO, Local, Analytics, Consulting), I'm offering a one-month introductory $97 for everything. This means you get all the regular services like search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media optimization, local business optimization, web analytics, and online marketing consulting - at a deep discount. *Sorry - this offer has expired :(
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Local Business Mistake #1: Wrong Mindset

Local businesses have a big challenge today. Since most small businesses have websites, a simple online presence doesn't cut it anymore. The market doesn't care if you have a website. It's almost like having a phone number...everyone has one now. If you boast about your new website, your prospect secretly asks, "So what!?". Do you remember the 1989 movie Field of Dreams? In the film, Kevin Costner‟s character, Ray Kinsella, is prompted by an unknown voice to build a baseball field in the middle of his farm. The voice said, “If you build it, he will come.” Kinsella built a baseball field and his childhood hero “Shoeless” Joe Jackson came.
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