5: Top 3 Web Design Mistakes for Local Businesses (Video)

Top 3 Web Design Mistakes Local Businesses Make: Uncertain Location, NOT Designed for Conversions, Non-Responsive Design.Most local businesses have websites now. That’s a good thing. But the problem is many local businesses don’t have a good website. In today’s video we cover the top 3 web design mistakes that local businesses commit.
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Video Pro Tip #2: Get A Hero Message

What’s a hero message and three good examples of how companies connect with their target audience members.

There’s so much to know about digital marketing it’s hard to know where to start optimizing. If you already have a business, do you build a better website or do you start buying keywords [...]
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How Pinterest and Instagram Work for SEO

Pinterest and Instagram can seem like personal tools rather than business but both have helped companies to get noticed and drive business, SEO can use these social media tools to help drive business for their clients.

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Create Your Own Google Display Network Ads

Google Display Ad Builder is an easy and free tool you can use to create image and video ads within your AdWords account. You can use Display Ad Builder to create visually engaging ads for your display network campaign. Watch these two brief videos for a quick "how-to." I thought these videos would be helpful for those non-design pay per click managers out there. If you can't design, this is a great free option for the times when you need banner ads. Although, I always recommend hiring a graphic designer- if that's not in you or your clients' budget, this tool will give you professional results without costing anyone a dime.
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