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5: Top 3 Web Design Mistakes for Local Businesses (Video)

Top 3 Web Design Mistakes Local Businesses Make: Uncertain Location, NOT Designed for Conversions, Non-Responsive Design.Most local businesses have websites now. That’s a good thing. But the problem is many local businesses don’t have a good website. In today’s video we cover the top 3 web design mistakes that local businesses commit.
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Video Pro Tip #2: Get A Hero Message

What’s a hero message and three good examples of how companies connect with their target audience members.

There’s so much to know about digital marketing it’s hard to know where to start optimizing. If you already have a business, do you build a better website or do you start buying keywords [...]
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Video Pro Tip #1: Who Are You

We’re starting a series of quick videos to cover basic digital marketing questions that every organization should understand. They are progressive and aim to help make you a better digital marketer in quick-like fashion.


Every organization should ask and answer three questions when they’re trying to understand who they are.

1. Why Do You Exist?
2. Who Do […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Use Google Analytics on Your Community Website


Marketing has become more complicated in the past so many years – but it’s also become easier.

Even for senior living communities.

One of the ways it’s easier is all the data we have that didn’t exist 20 years ago. We have more insight into prospective residents shopping behavior than ever before.

One of the best ways to […]

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The Complete Digital Marketing Checklist for Senior Living Communities

We recently compiled an ebook-length checklist for senior living community marketing. This checklist is designed to cover the essential areas of digital marketing for senior living communities so your community can compete in the local digital market.

The checklist covers 10 major areas to consider when marketing a senior living community including:

Know Your Community
Understand Your Market
Get […]

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The 4-Legged Chair of Digital Marketing Success

A big picture view of how to succeed with an online business for the long haul.

You need four legs on a chair for stability.

Two-and-three legged chairs topple over with little outside force. A one legged chair is like a pogo stick – worthless for stability. But a 4-legged chair…that’s stable.

The same is true of your […]

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