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Video Pro Tip #1: Who Are You

We’re starting a series of quick videos to cover basic digital marketing questions that every organization should understand. They are progressive and aim to help make you a better digital marketer in quick-like fashion.


Every organization should ask and answer three questions when they’re trying to understand who they are.

1. Why Do You Exist?
2. Who Do […]

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3 SEO Strategies I Put to the Test This Month

At the beginning of the month, I let you in on 3 SEO strategies I would put to the test in order to gain new content partners and boost SEO.  As promised, here is my follow up post to let you know how my new strategies worked out.

1)  Finding Content Partners

This month, I tried to […]

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3 SEO Strategies I will Put to the Test This Month

In SEO, it is always important to be shifting our strategies as our industry is constantly changing.  This month I would like to share some of my shifting strategies with you and perhaps I will follow up with a post on how they worked out toward the end of the month!

1)  Finding Content Partners
Link Prospector […]

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The Price We Pay in Paying for Links

As SEO becomes a more competitive game, many bloggers are starting to realize that rather than funding their blogs through advertisements they can make top dollar off of paid links.


With this becoming a more prominent practice, we want to share with you what links are worth paying for and what links are not.  Paying for […]

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Simple Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Company Page

Next to Google+, Facebook is the social media site that most effects your rankings and this week I met with a great company, Dick Clay – State Farm, to share some of my own tips for Facebook company page optimization.




1) Gaining Fans
This can be a difficult aspect for Facebook company pages but also the most […]

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Add Some Creative Mornings to Your SEO Week

A big part of SEO is coming up with new and creative ways to market your clients through social media and the general Internet and I have recently come across a lecture series that can give you the extra burst of creativity. […]

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Learn More About SEO in the Fashion Blog Realm

Last weekend was the Super Bowl, but this week is bigger the Super Bowl for the fashion world as New York Fashion Week takes place in New York City.  Many blog posts have been written about what we can learn from Super Bowl commercials but I’d like to share what I’ve learned about SEO from observing the fashion world–specifically the bloggers.

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SEO Predictions for 2012 – What Happened?

As we enter December and near the year’s end, I’ve been thinking a lot about what SEO trends were predicted in the beginning of 2012 and whether they have played out this past year, find out below.

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Twitter Tips and Tricks

Twitter is an ever expanding social media giant that has many benefits no matter the size of your business.

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The Pluses of Google+ for SEO

Google+ is an untapped SEO resource.  Learn how to optimize your search capabilities using the social network Google built specifically for you and your business.

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