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Article Marketing: How Panda Will Affect Your SEO Strategy

There has been a lot of recent debate amongst SEO’s as to what has resulted from Google’s recent updates. There is one consensus among us, and it’s that Google’s updates hit article marketing sites way below the belt. For those of you who don’t use article marketing in your strategy this could be valuable information as to what not to start implementing now! While it is true that some of these article sites or “content farms” as they are pejoratively known like Squidoo or Hubpages have seen their traffic slip in the last few months, Squidoo down by 5.66% in the last month and Hubpages down 8.74% ,It is not true that all of the article sites will become obsolete.
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Linkbuilding Strategies That Work- Part Two

Recently Rae Hoffman-Dolan over at interviewed the best and brightest in SEO today. Through a series of interview questions she aims to get at the answer to the age old question: What is linkbuilding? Search Traffic pro gives you the big takeaways.
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Linkbuilding Strategies That Work: Part One

Recently Rae Hoffman-Dolan over at interviewed the best and brightest in SEO today. Through a series of interview questions she aims to get at the answer to the age old question: What is linkbuilding? If you are new to internet marketing, I've pulled out the most important takeaways from these expert sources to help you get started and up and running on them for yourself.
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How To Get Online Exposure For Your Small Business

These are just a few tips to get you started, they may seem obvious to you, and if so, good! you are ahead of the pack because most small business aren't even online, let alone utilizing all the free exposure at their finger tips. According to a Small Business Success Index (SMBSI) poll conducted last month only half (56 percent) of small businesses have websites. Of those businesses with websites, only a quarter (27 percent) have a SEO program in place. So not only do many small businesses lack an online presence, most of them are basically invisible to search engines.
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How Online Marketing Fits Together

Things have been quiet in Search Traffic Pro Land - at least on this site. But things have been poppin' on the work front. Paid traffic is converting, organic rankings are rising, and local traffic is heading to clients' sites - but I guess you wouldn't know that from reading this feed. So instead of throwing up a half-baked post, I'm instead sending you to a client's site where I guest post every month. It's a big picture post showing you how everything fits together for an online business. Enjoy.
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Complete Online Marketing Package: $97?!

Just wanted to send a quick note to readers of Search Traffic Pro. Due to some recent economic circumstances in the Search Traffic Pro's household, I'm expanding my services for new clients. Instead of charging the regular $500 for all services (SEO, PPC, SMO, Local, Analytics, Consulting), I'm offering a one-month introductory $97 for everything. This means you get all the regular services like search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media optimization, local business optimization, web analytics, and online marketing consulting - at a deep discount. *Sorry - this offer has expired :(
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Local Business Mistake #2: No Clear Direction

Direct marketing, aka, "junk mail", preceded internet marketing by many decades. Direct marketers mailed to consumers and businesses long before Google's founders were born. Direct marketers understood marketing - they are still masters of the medium. One of the most important aspects of any direct marketing package is the call to action. The call to action is what the company wants a prospect to do when they get a letter in the mail? For example, do they want somebody to fill out a credit card application or call GEICO for a quote? Whatever it is, direct marketers are very clear on their call to action.
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The Secret of Successful Pilots and Marketers

Airline pilots aren't born - they're made. Each pilot's story is different. Maybe little Jack takes a plane trip on a family vacation. The seven-year-old Jack passes the cockpit on his way to his seat. He spies the high-tech gadgetry, the pilots in their starched uniforms, and the small windows above the massive super-computer that commands the flying hunk of metal. Little Jack is in awe. Jack fantasizes about walking onto the flight deck and sitting in the captain's chair. He imagines radioing air traffic control, navigating the runway, and throttling the massive Boeing into the sky. He almost-naively imagines, "I could do that."
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