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Mining the Search Query Report

The search query report is the search engine’s gift to search marketers. Keywords are what you bid on as an advertiser, but search queries are what searchers type into the search engine. The Search Query Report provides you with actual queries and data associated with those queries.
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Relevance Rules in PPC

Search works because of relevance. Searchers return to the engines because their questions are answered with the engine's relevant results. If the searcher agrees with the answer, the engine is rewarded by trust and returning visits. If the engine fails to provide relevant results, then searchers find another place to search. The engine loses a customer and the searcher goes to Google. That's the way it works for a search engine customer. It's no different for your customers.
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Why PPC Campaign Settings Matter

Pay per click settings are important. If you don't deliver your message to the right geographical location, at the right time, and on the right devices, you could be wasting your PPC budget. Get the wrong settings and you're bleeding money. That's why you should review your PPC campaign settings. As a hat-tip to traditional print advertising, pay per click accounts are organized by campaigns. Campaign organization is crucial to your advertising success, just like the old days of counting coupon returns. For our purposes, we are only reviewing PPC campaign settings on the Google search network.
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Online Copy & Pay Per Click Advertising

Old-school copywriters had it hard. Early practitioners of "scientific advertising" (aka - direct marketing) like Claude Hopkins and John Caples were meticulous in their efforts to measure advertising results. Hopkins would often count coupons after a test campaign. The results determined whether a larger advertising venture would be profitable. Caples was no different. In his Tested Advertising Methods, 5th Edition, the author described the tedious nature the process...
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7 Questions to Ask Before Starting PPC

Before you build a house you must lay a foundation - before you start PPC you gotta do the same thing. In order to be successful in pay per click, ask some basic questions about your online efforts. That's why I've compiled 7 questions designed to lay the foundation for a solid PPC account. Whether you just use Google, Bing, or you're working in multiple search engines, these questions should help focus your PPC efforts.
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