5 Things I Learned About Business From Watching the Office

This week marked the series finale of beloved show “The Office.”  For the past nine seasons, we have watched all the antics that went on at Dunder Mifflin, a fictional paper company and this ending has lead me to think about just what I’ve learned about business from watching the show.


Working from home can get […]

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Add Some Creative Mornings to Your SEO Week

A big part of SEO is coming up with new and creative ways to market your clients through social media and the general Internet and I have recently come across a lecture series that can give you the extra burst of creativity. […]

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The Best Free Wi-Fi Spots at SXSW Interactive

For many people coming in for SXSW, this is a work-cation, meaning you won’t be treading too far from your lap top.  The tough part is figuring out where to plug in and gain internet access in all the chaos, but we are here to help!

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The Benefits of Work From Home for SEO

Earlier this week, the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer ordered the company a strict no work from home policy.  She believes face-to-face interactions are important for business, but often in SEO we don’t get the opportunity to work face-to-face.

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Create Your Own Google Display Network Ads

Google Display Ad Builder is an easy and free tool you can use to create image and video ads within your AdWords account. You can use Display Ad Builder to create visually engaging ads for your display network campaign. Watch these two brief videos for a quick "how-to." I thought these videos would be helpful for those non-design pay per click managers out there. If you can't design, this is a great free option for the times when you need banner ads. Although, I always recommend hiring a graphic designer- if that's not in you or your clients' budget, this tool will give you professional results without costing anyone a dime.
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Why Do You Go To Work?

What gets you up in the morning, drives you to a job, sits you at a computer...and makes you do it day after day. Is it a paycheck? Really? Think about it? If money was not an issue, would you still go to work? Some of us would. Some of us may do something completely different. Whatever the answer, our motivation to work doesn't always include financial reward.
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