How To Succeed In An Online Marketing Career

To me, career success is enjoying what I do and getting paid well to do it. Prior to my current occupation in online marketing, I had several jobs that I didn’t want to return to on Monday morning. Some were worse than others. When I was selling at Dell, there were days when I wanted to walk to my car and not come back. Some jobs were better than others like teaching middle school kids at a Christian School. That was fun, but it didn’t pay a single-income family’s bills.
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The Sales Funnel in Pay Per Click Advertising

Read a few marketing books and take a few business classes and you’ll come across the sales funnel. The funnel is a foundational business principle. It’s not rocket science, but neither is it for first graders. It’s an old, essential concept and is still applicable today - especially in pay per click advertising (PPC). For starters, let’s review the sales funnel. The concept is simple. Business development can be viewed as a funnel with a wide opening at top. The marketer’s job is to put as many leads into the funnel as possible. Leads go into the funnel and through a magical process of nurture and time you get sales from your efforts.
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Four Things Cutco Teaches About Online Sales

Not long ago, a family friend came over to the house. But this was no courtesy visit. Our friend wasn't interested in small talk. "Joe" was out for a sale. Joe sold Cutco knives. He had a bag full of knives and head full of stories - not to mention a stack of order forms waiting to be filled out. As I thought about Joe's pitch, I noticed some similarities between his Cutco spiel and an online sale. I've outlined the process to help you map your process for selling online.
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