What is Local Optimization?

Before social media optimization (SMO) started taking over the world, local optimization (aka local SEO) was making headway. Although not as sexy as social media, local optimization could be even more powerful for mom-and-pop businesses like doctors, pet stores, hair stylists, and any other business dependent on local customers. Local optimization is concerned with two types of optimization: local search engine traffic & local non-search engine traffic. I’m primarily concerned with local search engine traffic for this post.
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Best Traffic Source for Lawyers: Local SEO (Video)

What is a traffic source, the best traffic source (local organic search) and why it’s crucial your law firm is getting that traffic.
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Video: Best Traffic Source for Senior Living Communities – Local SEO

What is a traffic source, the best traffic source (local organic search) and why it’s crucial your community is getting that traffic.
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SEO Case Study: 100+ Attorney Law Firm Saw 60% More Organic/Direct Conversions in 2016

A 100+ attorney law firm in the Midwest improved organic/direct new users by 10,000+ users (+24%), sessions by 10,000+ (+17%), and conversions by 1500+ (+60%) last year from basic SEO engagement.

Our team began helping a law firm on the SEO side in late 2015. The law firm operates in a mid-size city in a US-Midwestern […]

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SEO Case Study: Boutique Law Firm New Users Up 68% in 2016

Small law firm in major US city dramatically improves organic search new users (68%), SEO sessions (49%), and mobile traffic (48%) last year in highly competitive market.

Our team started working with a boutique law firm in late 2015. The law firm operates in a major US city  and is extremely competitive in organic search optimization. […]

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2015 Results for 3 SEO Projects

Three SEO projects and their results in 2015.
We’ve now entered the 6th year of Search Traffic Pro and we continue to see optimization results for our clients. Here are the results and activities for three, very different websites we worked on last year.
1. Trading Education Podcast Promotion
On April 17, 2015, we launched a trading podcast […]

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3 SEO Strategies I Put to the Test This Month

At the beginning of the month, I let you in on 3 SEO strategies I would put to the test in order to gain new content partners and boost SEO.  As promised, here is my follow up post to let you know how my new strategies worked out.

1)  Finding Content Partners

This month, I tried to […]

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5 Things I Learned About Business From Watching the Office

This week marked the series finale of beloved show “The Office.”  For the past nine seasons, we have watched all the antics that went on at Dunder Mifflin, a fictional paper company and this ending has lead me to think about just what I’ve learned about business from watching the show.


Working from home can get […]

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3 SEO Strategies I will Put to the Test This Month

In SEO, it is always important to be shifting our strategies as our industry is constantly changing.  This month I would like to share some of my shifting strategies with you and perhaps I will follow up with a post on how they worked out toward the end of the month!

1)  Finding Content Partners
Link Prospector […]

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The Price We Pay in Paying for Links

As SEO becomes a more competitive game, many bloggers are starting to realize that rather than funding their blogs through advertisements they can make top dollar off of paid links.


With this becoming a more prominent practice, we want to share with you what links are worth paying for and what links are not.  Paying for […]

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