Diversify Your Link Building Efforts

Organic SEO requires good link building. If you don’t get high-quality links – almost every month – search engines will eventually forget about your site and send relevant traffic to your competitors. That’s common SEO knowledge. However, not all link building is equal. You can consistently build links to your site, and get crushed on a whimsical Google update just because. That’s one reason to diversify your links. “Link diversity” or getting different types of links is crucial to long-term SEO success. In the long run, getting different kinds of links is much better than getting one kind of link back to your site.
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A Complete SEO Website Audit

The first step in tackling an organic search engine optimization (SEO) project is often an SEO website audit. This audit helps lay the foundation for future search success. Properly worked, an audit can be primary reason your site jumps from page 4 to page 1 on the SERPs. The surprising thing about SEO website audits is how diverse they are. SEO practitioners often have divergent goals and methodologies. This affects which areas are audited on a website. Some audits are backlink-focused, while others focus on more technical on-site aspects. Many are good and usually helpful, however few cover every important area of organic search in 2012.
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Benefits of an XML Sitemap Generator

The primary features of Google XML sitemap generator are the following: They are easy to configure. As soon as you're done with all the initial configuration, they don't require any further administration. Should you want to tweak the settings then you can do so quickly by using various administration tools.. Calculates metadata automatically like how many changes are made to a website and how frequent they are made. Submit sitemaps automatically for simpler search. More efficient search results for your site. Create your personal sitemaps based on whatever aspects you choose like server visitors, server files and logs. Google has released their very first XML sitemap generator before this release they had a Python based tool. Google's XML sitemaps generator is the next generation tool that typically relies on different net server filtering and not crawling. This proves to be more efficient and supports diverse sorts of format than the older version.
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“SEO Is Not Spam:” Top 4 Google Whitehat Methods

Recently Google CEO, Matt Cutts felt he needed to go on the record again and state that “Google does not consider SEO to be spam.” It is perfectly legitimate to try and make sure your pages are well represented in the search engines.
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How the Google Panda Update Affects Your Website

Unless you're a search engine marketer you probably haven't spent too much time worrying about how the Google algorithms changes affect your life. If you are an online business however, you should know what the characteristics of Panda (the latest Google organic ranking updates) are and how they will affect your website.
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Top 7 Places To Be Listed For Local Search

It isn't hard to get your site listed and your profile built out on these websites, it's just a little tedious. That's why search engine optimization firms charge a lot to do it for you. If you do it yourself you can save a bunch of money here and utilize their services for more strategic endeavors. It is free to create a business profile on all the sites listed below.
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Four Ways To Get More Links for SEO

Linkbuilding is still the most valuable action you can take in order to get your site to rank highly in Google. Why? Simply stated, links are the basic connector between sites on the web. They are the key to establishing your relationship to the rest of the internet. So obviously then, the more relationships you have online, the higher your relevance in the eyes of the search engines.
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How Online Marketing Fits Together

Things have been quiet in Search Traffic Pro Land - at least on this site. But things have been poppin' on the work front. Paid traffic is converting, organic rankings are rising, and local traffic is heading to clients' sites - but I guess you wouldn't know that from reading this feed. So instead of throwing up a half-baked post, I'm instead sending you to a client's site where I guest post every month. It's a big picture post showing you how everything fits together for an online business. Enjoy.
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The Anatomy of a Good SEO Link

Links are the #1 ranking factor for search engines. Not saying that onsite ranking factors don’t matter. It’s just that links matter more. You can thank Google for that. Google popularized the importance of links with their original PageRank algorithm. Back in 19-whatever, a couple of students holed-up in grad school decided most search engines weren’t good enough. They thought links were the better way to rank webpages in a search result. Simply put, each link to a web page would vote for that page in a search result. The page with the most votes (read: links) wins.
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Buying Links for SEO and ORM

Website marketers have been buying links since the dark ages. And there are legitimate uses for paid links. After all, Google has one of the largest network of paid (pay-per-click) links on the internet. But there is another seedier side of paid links. It doesn’t take long until you stumble upon paid link schemes for SEO. The purpose of these links is to manipulate search engine rankings (SERPs) for your targeted terms – ranking your web pages above competitor web pages in the search engines. This tactic has been going on almost as long as paid links themselves.