A Solid Partner in a Shifting Digital Landscape

Solid Partner in Shifting Digital Landscape - Search Traffic Pro

The web is complicated.

There are more platforms today to master for your business that didn’t exist even a few years ago. For instance, Imgur.com launched in 2009. That’s right – the 13th  largest website in the world didn’t exist before the Obama Presidency (Alexa – Oct 2017).

And things continue to shift every year.

Competing in a Complicated World

Local senior living - Organic & Direct traffic up +118% in 15 months.

Local senior living – Organic & Direct traffic up +118% – 15 months.

How can your business compete in an environment like that?

How can your site get search engine impressions and clicks…and not your competitors? How can you structure your website so you maximize the opportunity for every targeted visitor? How can you remarket to the prospects when they leave your site?

In other words – how can you get the leads that your competitors right now?

Decades Plus Experience Online

You need a partner who understands the digital landscape.

You need a digital strategist that has guided over 100+ businesses on hundreds of campaigns to positive online results. And you need someone who can be trusted with yours or your agency’s digital assets who has been there and will be there when more things change.

Total non-paid sessions up +1467% (2660 vs 18) in 4 months.

National education site non-paid sessions up +1467% (2660 vs 18) – 4 months.

You need Search Traffic Pro.


Brandon Clay – Chief Growth Strategist

My name is Brandon Clay. I founded Search Traffic Pro in 2010 to help small and medium businesses to succeed online. I started by myself, writing a simple blog, and helping one client at a time achieve their results through pay per click advertising (PPC/SEM), organic search engine optimization, conversion-driving websites, email marketing, content marketing, copywriting, remarketing, and digital strategy. We are based in the Austin-area.

I’ve either worked as an employee or as a strategic partner with 6 marketing agencies. I have a wide range of experience with hundreds of businesses across many verticals. My team has over two decades of combined marketing businesses online. If your business is having a digital problem, chances are, we’ve either seen the issue with another client or know someone who can help.

Measurable Results that Count

Ecommerce site net revenue up $7,624 ($10,437 vs $2,813) – 5 months.

With our team, we’ve been able to achieve results for over 50+ clients with Search Traffic Pro. Andrew Urban, our project manager, has a ton of experience and is extremely detail-oriented and customer-service oriented. Josh, our seasoned SEO, can help drive more organic search traffic than you thought possible. And Ellen, our developer in residence, can do almost anything WordPress can do. Not to mention our experience in Facebook Remarketing and a lot more.

And we show you your results every month.

Our reports highlight our work, what happened on your website and across your digital platforms. We also show how your digital marketing efforts are driving more results – so you can grow your business.

We’d love to be your one-stop-shop for all things digital.

How can we help with your project?

Let’s chat –

All the best!


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“We found (Brandon) to be creative, dependable, knowledgeable and honest. Most importantly, he improved our rankings. He was always available when needed, was easy to communication with yet worked independently. I highly recommend Brandon for anyone looking to improve their SEO results.”

C Gaines, FinancialWoman.com – Austin, Texas

C Gaines - Search Traffic Pro